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First Assignment

First Assignment - for being a sex slave is greater than...

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Maxwell Miller Section 5 January 27, 2007 Assignment 1 Kristoff is commenting on the opportunities that sweat shop workers have. The ability to work at the sweat shop rather than a farm or not working at all is a great opportunity and is not horrible for third world countries. The employees are using the resources of work that they are given and taking that and making a living from it. Even though the pay may be small, the work that the employees must do is less strenuous than that of a farmer. Another alternative, instead of working at the sweat shops, is being a sex slave. The opportunity of working in a sweat shop rather than becoming a sex slave is much greater due to the fact that sex slaves contract STDs and die. The opportunity cost
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Unformatted text preview: for being a sex slave is greater than the opportunity cost for being a sweat shop worker. If an individual becomes a sex slave, there are better available options for them in the world. I agree completely with what Nicholas D. Kristoff. The opportunities given to the third world countrymen by Nike and other companies are very good. They are given a steady salary and a working environment that is comfortable. Compared to the lifestyle of the farmers and sex slaves, working at a sweat shop is so much better. It is truly sad that the women from Afghanistan are not allowed to work because they are widows. Also, it is very sad that a family is forced to scrounge for money in a dump because they can not even come close to keeping a job, let alone getting one....
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