Bio 102 Exam 1 Review Guide

Bio 102 Exam 1 Review Guide - Mammals are monophyletic...

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Mammals are monophyletic (came from one common ancestor) Protista are polyphyletic (came from two different ancestry lines to form a similar organism) Reptilia are paraphyletic (some reptiles are more related to birds, some are more related to reptiles) Know how common ancestry works Protista o Know 7 different types o Know what separate them o Cilia have two nuclei and can go through sexual OR asexual reproduction o Apicomplexans have SPORES (malaria) Know what protozoans are COLONIES- groups of unicellular (single celled) organisms KNOW THE SPONGE o Structures o Evolutionary significance o They connect protisits and other animals o Evolutionary DEAD END (nothing branches off of them) KINGDOM ANIMALIA- general o Multicellular o Mobile (at one time during life cycle) o NO cell walls o Most reproduce sexually o Diploid through most of their life cycle o Most are invertebrates o Must eat other organisms foe energy o Evolution of body plan Phylum: Porifera o Sponges o Asymmetrical o Spongocoel- the way they digest food o Osocellum KNOW SYMMETRY KNOW DIGESTIVE SYSTEMS KNOW CIRCULATORY SYSTEMS Phylum: Cnidaria o Digestive cavity—only one opening o gastro vascular cavity (two way, mouth and anus are the same) o Nematocyst—stinging cells o ‘diploblastic’—two cells layers o epidermis o gastrodermus o ‘false middle layer’
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o polyp and hydra stage o know class differences Phylum: Ctenophora o Comb jellies o Know what makes them different o RADIAL o Don’t have stinging cells DON”T WORRY ABOUT BIRADIAL
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Bio 102 Exam 1 Review Guide - Mammals are monophyletic...

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