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Bio 102 Exam 2 Review

Bio 102 Exam 2 Review - 1 REPRODUCTION(Chapter 48 a...

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1) REPRODUCTION (Chapter 48) a) Hypothalamus b) GNRH c) FSH follicles in the ovary d) LH (surge and what it means) e) Provulatory phase, follicles release estrogen f) Corpus Luteum g) MENSTRUAL CYCLE h) Anterior pituitary inhibition? i) Ovulation occurs at day 14 of the cycle. j) Progesterone. k) KNOW ALL OF THE HORMONES ASSOCIATED WITH MENSTRAL CYCLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! l) Prostaglandin kills the corpus luteum. m) Differences between when there is an embryo and when there is only an egg. n) Follicle houses oocyte. o) Figure 48.16 p) Fert. Zygote will implant at about the seventh day after fertilization. q) Membranes produce CG which signals pregnancy. r) (Don’t worry about cervical dilaltion) s) Cortisol. t) Oxitocin. u) The way most birth control works is to suppress ovulation. v) Speremogenisis w) Pampiniform Plexus blood to testes (veins are wrapped around arteries) x) Fig 3-9 page 58 y) Temperature regulation in testes by the blood vessels. z) How erections work and how blood flow works in penis.
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