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Gauglerlecture2 - (1 Sampling error in small populations(2...

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1) Population genetics and microevolution a) Variation is important and is the mechanism of evolution. b) MICROEVOLUTION c) MACROEVOLUTION (ex. Extinction events) d) Population e) GENE POOL f) Hardy-Weinberg g) Non random mating will shift genetic equilibrium. h) Variation i) Mutation (1) The source of all new variation. (2) Must be in a gamete to be inherited. (3) KNOW THE 4 TYPES!!!!!! (a) Point (b) Deletion (c) Translocation (d) Inversion (4) SARS was a deletion that allowed it to jump to humans. ii) Gene Flow iii) Genetic Drift
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Unformatted text preview: (1) Sampling error in small populations. (2) Founder effect (3) Amish people, who began from a small ppn. Have a high incidence of dwarfism and extra digits. iv) Non random mating (1) Sex takes up a lot of resources. (2) IT INCREASES GENETIC VARIATION AND EVOLUTION. (3) RECOMBINATION OCCURS DURING MEIOSIS (4) Sex is almost always non-random v) Natural Selection (1) Selects towards the average and common individual. i) WHEN THE ENVIRONMENT CAHNGES, EQUILIBRIUM CHANGES...
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