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1) Dispersion a) Mainly clumped, and almost never random. b) Static is always the same. c) Dynamic it changes over time 2) Population models a) Birth rate- death rate= rate of increase. b) This models how quickly a population will grow and add to itself c) These models tend to run away to impossible numbers because it describes a population in which there are no limits. (Called a J curve) d) These equations only talk about GROWTH. e) Add on (K-N)/K i) K= carrying capacity ii) N= density of population
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Unformatted text preview: f) Real curves are S shaped. g) None of these numbers are constant, any environmental factor can cause changes h) Ex. Predation, disease ect. i) If 90% of the ground is gone, then 90% of the population is dead, it doesnt matter how big the initial population was. j) Basically, they are things that cannot respond to the changes in population density. (independent) k) Prey/predators have a feedback loop with a delay (lag) on it. l)...
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