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Gauglerlecture6 - reduced f A SEND CASE IN WHICH SPECIES...

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1) Remember when N=K there is 0 growth!!!! 2) A community is a group of populations that interact with one another. 3) Many populations are based on a system of competition. a) Competition is reduced by specialization. b) When species share a commons niche, one species will win out over the other and drive it to extinction. c) ‘Fundamental niche’ can be seen in environments with no competition. d) Typically species will develop character displacement in response to this competition. e) Directional selection pulls apart two different species so that their competition is
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Unformatted text preview: reduced. f) A SEND CASE IN WHICH SPECIES RESPOND TO COMPETITION: i) RESOURCE/NICHE PARTITIONING ii) A habitat becomes subdivided temporally or spatially. 4) OTHER SYSTEMS ARE BASED OFF OF PREDATION a) Predation is vital in regulating populations b) Crysps is camouflage to avoid predation c) Mullerian mimicry is where there is reinforced learning. d) All members of a population or group of populations are poisonous and when one is eaten, none of the rest will be again. e) AGGRESSIVE MIMICRY i) Adaptations that make a predator more effective....
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