Nutrition - release cholesterol b. The cholesterol seeps...

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1. Carbohydrates are not essential but the body works better with them 2. A refined carbohydrate is just the polysaccharide – the nutrients are taken out (vitamins and minerals) and also fiber is taken out 3. Simple Lipid – triglycerol 4. Saturated fats are from animals (solid at room temperature) 5. Unsaturated fats are from vegetables (liquid at room temperature) 6. Transfat is unsaturated fats that are solid in room temperature a. Transfat increase LDL 7. LDL is bad because it causes cholesterol a. Once repackaged in the liver they circulate thru the bloodstream and
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Unformatted text preview: release cholesterol b. The cholesterol seeps thru the blood vessels and eventually cause cholesterol 8. HDL is good because it takes away the cholesterol a. They deposit their cholesterol in the cell membranes 9. Incomplete protein – in plant products 10. Complete protein – in animal products a. There are 9 amino acids that the body cannot make (essential) b. If there is too little protein it can cause disease and malnutrition c. Too many proteins leads to obesity d. Too much proteins also stresses the kidneys...
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