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Exam1-review - CSc 127a Review for Exam 1 Fall 2007 The...

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CSc 127a – Review for Exam 1 Fall 2007 The following is a list of suggested review topics that may appear on Exam 1. Any concept we have covered in class is fair game for an exam question! In addition to reviewing your notes, the textbook, quizzes, and collaborative exercises you should make sure you understand what was covered during sections and on your programming assignments. Suzanne’s introduction and Program Development Method (Ch 1 and lecture notes on web site) What is programming? Anatomy of a Computer - diagram of the five basic components of any computer system (CPU, main memory, secondary memory, input and output devices) and how info flows between them Programming languages (high-level and low-level) Bits, bytes Program/Software Development Method Different kinds of errors (compile, logic, runtime) Data Types and more (generally Ch 2 and Ch3) Parts of a simple Java program, the main method, print and println methods of System.out What is an algorithm? Java identifiers and variables: what is a variable? what are "legal" names for variables? how do
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