hw10-PointList2 - Assignment #10 CSc 127a Fall 2007 25...

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Assignment #10 – CSc 127a – Fall 2007 – 25 points Due: Thursday, 11/15/2007 no later than 10 pm by Web turnin at https://lectura.cs.arizona.edu/turnin/ - follow the directions To do and turn in: Make a copy of your PointList class from assignment 9 and call it PointList2 . Add the methods described below to it, saving your file as PointList2.java Make sure you have the appropriate comment block at the top of your file, as well as other commenting in your program, and good style conforming to Java conventions. Purpose : To give you more experience in solving problems with arrays and working with methods. Problem: Add the following methods to your original PointList class and save as PointList2 (any reference to a position means the particular point number, not an array subscript): A public method addAtPos that takes three int arguments representing (in this order) the position for the point to be added, the x value, and the y value. The position must be valid, meaning that is it is either a position already in use or else is the next position at the end. If the position is valid, then the new point is inserted and any other points starting at that
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hw10-PointList2 - Assignment #10 CSc 127a Fall 2007 25...

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