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Assignment #11 – CSc 127a – Fall 2007 – 25 points + 5 bonus points (up to 5 bonus points) Partial Assignment Due: Wednesday 11/21 at 4:00pm using web turn in. For this part you must turn in a compiling class with (1 point each part): the constructor and instance variables in place stubs for each method all getter methods written the toString method written the dropToken method written Completed Assignment Due: Wednesday 12/05 no later than 10:00pm (there won't be any section leaders in the lab that evening so plan ahead). Please use Web turnin at https://lectura.cs.arizona.edu/turnin/ and follow the directions – absolutely no late turnins accepted! To do and turn in: Solve the problem below Create a folder and name it in the usual way. Move each of your file(s) to this new folder. Make sure all your files and folders are named correctly. Make sure you have the appropriate comment block at the top of each file Problem: Design and implement a class called ConnectFour (stored in a file named ConnectFour.java ) that handles the actions associated with the game Connect Four. In this game, two players alternate dropping their tokens into a two-dimensional (upright) board until one player gets four consecutive tokens in a row (or column or diagonally). For those unfamiliar with the game, a brief description of the rules can be found at: http://www.gameroom.com/gamebits/RULES/106_Connect_Four_Rules.html and here's a website where you can play the game: http://www.bodo.com/Applets/Connect4/ Use the following information and implement the required public methods for your ConnectFour class: You should use a two-dimensional array of char
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hw11-ConnectFour - Assignment#11 CSc 127a Fall 2007 25...

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