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Describe five examples each of antagonists, synergists, and fixators. Each example of antagonists  must include two muscles and the action in which they are antagonistic. Each example of synergists  must include two muscles and the action in which they are synergistic. Each example of fixators must  include the body part which is fixed and under what conditions. Compose your examples in outline  form in a MS Word document submitted through this page. Erector Spinae- extend trunk.  Synergists: longissimus thoracis and semispinalis thoracis. Antagonists: rectus abdominis, internal abdominal oblique.
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Unformatted text preview: Sternocleidomastoid- extension of head when posterior fibers contract bilaterally, flexion of head and cervical spine when anterion fibers contract bilaterally. Synergists: longissimus capitus and semispinalis capitis Antagonists: sternocleidomastoid anterior fibers in extension and posterior In flexion. Splenius capitus- extend head acting bilaterally and unilaterally rotate head to same side Syn:lonsissimus capitis, spinalis capitis Ant:londus capitis, sternocleidomastoid. Orbicularis oris- clases and purses lips. Syn:mentalis Ant:risorius, buccinators...
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