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Spinal Tracts Assignment Name of Tract (3 Sensory, 1 Motor) Information Carried and Destination 1 o , 2 o , 3 o with pathway Spinocerebral Sensory Proprioreception from muscle spindles and tendon receptors. Cerebellum 1 st Unipolar sensory neuron synapses with 2 nd order neuron, which travels in the spinocerebellar tract to cerebellum. 3 rd order does not occur, instead, they recross and end up in cerebellum. Spinothalamic Sensory Stimuli like pain, temperature, touch, pressure. Cerebral Cortex 1 st unipolar sensory neuron receives stimulus, 2 nd neuron starts in gray matter of spine by joining the 1 st order. Crosses to opposite side and goes to
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Unformatted text preview: thalamus. Joins 3 rd neuron and is taken to cerebral cortex Fasciculus Cuneatus and Fasciculus Gracilis Sensory Fine and conscious proprioreception stimuli. Cerebral cortex 1 st neuron do not cross medulla and contact 2 nd order, which cross medulla and go to thalamus; they contact 3 rd neuron and go from thalamus to cerebral cortex corticospinal motor Goes to the spinal cord. Carries voluntarily controlled impulses from cortex 1 st order goes to medulla, 2 nd order crosses in the medulla and goes to thalamus; 3 rd order will send impulse to cerebral cortex....
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