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Study Guide for Final Exam Public Speaking, Sec. 011 Spring 2007 For this exam, be sure to study all notes and review all relevant chapters in the textbook. In addition to content covered in class, be sure you are familiar with the content mentioned in this study guide. Chapters covered on this exam include chapters 8, 10, 12-17, and 19-21. You may also prepare for this exam by answering sample exam questions found online at: http://college.hmco.com/communication/daly/presentations/2e/students/ace/index.html Chapter 8 - Validity of supporting material - Using opinions as supporting material Chapter 10 - Mind mapping - Creativity in the organization process Chapter 12 - Metaphors & similes - Captivating language Chapter 13
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Unformatted text preview: -Using humor-Benefits of Audience Participation Chapter 14-Differences between impromptu, extemporaneous, manuscript, & memorized speeches-Advantages/disadvantages of each of the above speech styles. Chapter 15-Effective speaking voice-Rate, pitch & volume Chapter 16-Eye contact-Facial expressions Chapter 17-Exercising restraint w. visual aids-Charts, graphs, tables, diagrams, photographs Chapter 19-Persuading different types of audiences-To what extent can you persuade your audience? Chapter 20-Monroes Motivated Sequence-Common fallacies of argument Chapter 21-Audience analysis-Sales presentations-Also be familiar with Maslows hierarchy for this exam. Good luck!...
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