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Biology 202 Spring 2007 Exam 3 MATCHING : Use the list below to fill in the blanks in the following paragraph. 2 pts a. attenuation f. inducible k. polycistronic b. CAP-cAMP complex g. low l. positive c. effector h. negative m. RNA polymerase d. high i. operator n. repressible e. inducer j. operons o. repressor In prokaryotes, genes that are involved in the same cellular process are often arranged in 1.__________ in order to be coordinately expressed. The genes are under the control of one promoter and the expressed mRNA is 2.__________, or consisting of more than one coding sequence. Operons are described as either inducible or repressible. In a(n) 3.__________ operon, when a(n) 4.__________ molecule binds to a 5.__________, the genes are expressed. If an effector binds to a repressor and the genes are not expressed, the operon is described as 6.__________. The lac operon is an example of a(n) 7.__________ operon. When the 8.__________, lactose, binds to the repressor, the genes encoding the lactose utilization proteins are expressed. In the lac operon, the repressor binding to the operator is an example of 9.__________ control. Expression only happens, however, if glucose levels are 10.__________. In this condition, the 11.__________ binds to the promoter and facilitates binding of RNA polymerase. This is an example of 12.__________ control.
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Indicate whether each of the following statements regarding transduction occurs in or is a characteristic of: Generalized Transduction (GT) Specialized Transduction (ST) Occurs in Both (B) Occurs in Neither (N) 13. _____Phage carries DNA of only bacterial origin. 14. _____Host cell is lysogenized. 15. _____Prophage state exists. 16. _____Phage carries random bacterial sequences. 17. _____Recipient cell may change genotype. MULTIPLE CHOICE: Select the best answer from the answers provided. Choose only one answer for each question. 2 pts 1. Receptors bound by steroid hormones lie on the cell surface and when bound by a hormone, are transported into the nucleus and bind to response elements. a. true
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202pracexam3 - Biology 202 Spring 2007 Exam 3 MATCHING Use...

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