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Biology 202 Study Guide 1 Chapter 12 (pgs. 248-264) TERMS: cell cycle, M phase, chromosomes, chromatid, homologous chromosomes, sister chromatids, gene, diploid, haploid, mitosis, meiosis, asexual reproduction, sexual reproduction, clone, DNA replication, somatic cell, sex cell, gamete, fertilization, haploid-dominant, diploid-dominant, alternation of generations, synapsis, centrosome, spindle apparatus, chiasmata, metaphase plate, nuclear envelope, independent assortment, crossing over PHASES OF MEIOSIS: Prophase I, Metaphase I, Anaphase I, Telophase I and cytokinesis Prophase II, Metaphase II, Anaphase II, Telophase II and cytokinesis *Know the events associated with each phase (from class and text) SOME QUESTIONS TO ANSWER: What makes homologous chromosomes “homologous”? What is a gene? What type of cell division is associated with asexual reproduction? What type of cell division is associated with sexual reproduction? What does 2N=8 mean?
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