202pracexam2 - Biology 202 Fall 2006 Exam 1 MATCHING Match...

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Biology 202 Fall 2006 Exam 1 MATCHING: Match the definition with the correct term. 2 pts 1. ____ A term applied to an gene that produces a range of phenotypes in individuals of the same genotype 2. ____ Allele interaction in which the heterozygote displays a phenotype that is a blend of phenotypes produced by each allele 3. ____ Type of reproduction in which two parents donate genetic material to offspring 4. ____ Term that describes the failure of chromosomes to separate during cell division 5. ____ A type of chromosomes that does not carry genes conferring sexual characteristics 6. ____ Phase of meiosis in which crossing-over occurs 7. ____ Term that describes chromosomes that carry the same type of genes 8. ____ Describes an individual that has two copies of every chromosome in most cells 9. ____ An allele that is expressed in either the homozygous or heterozygous condition 10. ____ Term used to describe a gene that has multiple phenotypic effects on an individual a. Autosome h. Dominant o. Asexual reproduction b. Co-dominance i. Pleiotropic p. Sex-linked c. Diploid j. Sexual reproduction q. Recessive d. Expressivity k. Penetrance r. Sex Chromosome e. Haploid l. Non-disjunction s. Prophase I f. Homologous chromosomes m. Prophase II g. Incomplete dominance n. Sister chromatids
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MULTIPLE CHOICE: Choose the best answer from the answers provided. There is only one best answer for each question. 2 pts 1. In corn, a food-storing part of the seed known as the endosperm may be starchy or waxy. The allele for starchy endosperm, W, is dominant to the allele for waxy endosperm, w. A starch and a waxy plant are mated, resulting in 425 starchy plants and 409 waxy plants. What must be the genotypes of the two parent plants? a. Ww X Ww b. Ww X ww c. ww X WW d. ww X ww 2. In humans, nearsightedness and the disorder PKU are both inherited as recessive autosomal traits. Two phenotypically normal people have a child that is nearsighted and has PKU. What proportion of their progeny are expected to be carriers (heterozygous) for each trait? a. 1/4 b. 1/2 c. 3/4 d. 1/16 3. A daughter of the couple described above is nearsighted and heterozygous for the PKU enzyme. Her husband has the normal phenotypes for both traits, although his father was nearsighted and his mother had PKU. What is the probability that a child of this couple is nearsighted and has PKU? a. 1/4 b. 1/2 c. 3/16 d. 1/8 4. Which of Mendel’s two laws describes the fact that a mother only gives one allele for every gene to her offspring? a. Law of Segregation
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202pracexam2 - Biology 202 Fall 2006 Exam 1 MATCHING Match...

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