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Homework 6 - Bio 203L Homework 6: Ecology 1 (H6-10 points)...

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Bio 203L Spring 2008 Homework 6: Ecology 1 (H6-10 points) Due Next Week (Mar 31 st -Apr 4 th , 2008) Section 1 (2 pts.): Locate two scientific journal articles that you expect to use for your Lemna/Salvinia project. You will then generate an annotated citation about each article, which should include the following: a. Full list of authors, full title and journal citation (year, journal name, volume, page numbers). This should follow the style guide given on the Bio 203 webpage under the link Writing Scientific Papers. Gross, Elisabeth. 2003Allelopathy of Aquatic Autotrophs. . Critical Reviews in Plant Sciences Vol. 22 Issue 3, p313-340. Lacoul, Paresh; Freedman, Bill. 2006. Environmental influences on aquatic plants in freshwater ecosystems. Environmental Reviews , Vol. 14 Issue 2, p89-136. b. A three-to-five sentence paragraph summarizing the article. This can be a rephrasing of the article’s abstract, but it must be written in your own words Allelopathy is the suppression of growth of one species due to release of toxins coming from a
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Homework 6 - Bio 203L Homework 6: Ecology 1 (H6-10 points)...

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