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SI Worksheet #5 Multiple Choice. 1. Which of the following statements are true? a) Darwin’s Theory of life’s history started becoming accepted in 1959. b) Darwin wrote his book The Origin of Species in 1859. c) Darwin states that life’s history on earth was an evolutionary history. d) Darwin did not provide much evidence about evolution since their wasn’t as much technology back then. e) Darwin believed all life descended from one life origin. f) Almost all traits show homologies with traits across most species. 2. Choose the correct statements. a) Evolution is only theory based on no facts. b) Evolution is a scientific theory. c) Scientific theories are based on fact. d) All theories are falsifiable. e) All theories, even scientific, are based on opinions. f) Theories are fact based principles that scientists use to do more science.
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Unformatted text preview: 3. Which of the following are traits that only occur in one lineage? a) Bat wings b) Insect wings c) Vertebrate column d) Permanent hemispherical breasts in female Homo sapiens e) Bird wings 4. Choose the correct statements according to the fossil record. a) Fish came before amphibians b) Amphibians came before reptiles. c) Reptiles came before mammals d) Mosses came before flowering plants. e) Algae came before mosses f) Insects came before fish. * What are the three types of Darwinian selection? What are the differences and similarities between the three. True or False. Explain if false. 1. No homologies exist in breasts across all mammals. 2. The permanence of breasts in Homo sapiens shares no other homologies with other taxa....
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SI_Worksheet_5 - 3. Which of the following are traits that...

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