SyllabusSpring08 - Math 181, CALCULUS 2-Spring 2008...

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Math 181, CALCULUS 2---Spring 2008 Instructor: Office : Office Hours: Phone Number: Calculator: TI83 Plus, or equivalent Email: Text: Calculus and Its Applications , 11 th Edition, by Goldstein, Lay, et al. Please note the following guidelines for the course: - Grades: Your grade will be based mainly on your performance on the in-class mid-term and final exams. At times your instructor may assign homework to be handed in and graded or may give a short in-class quiz which will be graded. These scores will contribute to the overall course grade. The mid-term and final exams will be written by your instructor. - Homework: The “Recommended Problems” on the syllabus are NOT to be handed in. However, your most important effort in this class will be the working of a large enough sample of these problems. This is how you actually learn the material that will be on the quizzes and exams. Keep all of your homework together in a folder so that if you are having trouble in the course, you can bring it with you when you go to see your instructor or get tutoring. On occasion, some problems will be assigned to be handed in and these will be graded. The instructor may also assign group projects that may be graded. - Attendance is mandatory, and if you have three or more unexcused absences, you may be dropped from the course. - Missed Exams: If you miss an exam, contact your instructor immediately. Make-up tests will only be given in appropriate circumstances and if you miss an exam and do not contact your instructor within a week, you may
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This note was uploaded on 04/02/2008 for the course MATH 181 taught by Professor Kauffman during the Spring '08 term at New Mexico.

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SyllabusSpring08 - Math 181, CALCULUS 2-Spring 2008...

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