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Jounod in romantic… joined bach’s chords from prelude and instead of playing one at a time played all notes together Countertenor higher than tenor. Tenor<baritone<bass Soprano is higher than alto Beginning of baroque we started having opera; Chinese opera had been around way longer tho. In romantic period was the biggest form of entertainment Opera composers were like movie director now… everyone knew them and they were really popular Operas in Italian were very popular… they started in italy and Italian makes it great
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Unformatted text preview: language. Later people started writing them in other languages Bel canto opera…a song in an opera is called an aria Verdi in 1813 to 1901… wrote Shakespeare play operas, the most frequently performed operas Serious and comic opera. Serious someone dies, usually main character. Rigoletto by Verdi… rigoletto talks about a duke womanizer Puccini was during impressionist 1858-1924 followed Verdi Verismo opera Puccini madame opera Da capo aria by puccini...
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