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Intrapersonal Comm. 1/26/08 Short Paper Communication in a Movie Theatre Communication inside a movie theatre is a fascinating thing to observe. The movie theatre is one of the few places that we visit that has set rules of communication conduct. This communication interests me because with how often I go to the movies, I cannot help but observe the people in the audience who abide by the rules and those dreadful few who break them. From the moment a person enters the movie theatre, their voice involuntarily changes to a lower than normal volume. When a couple or group is sitting during the advertisements, they will have conversations, but they are to only be audible to those in said group. Before the previews begin, the theatre will remind all patrons that “Silence is Golden” through a few slides or short commercial. When the lights dim and the previews are cued, a hush is comes over the
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Unformatted text preview: theatre. Conversations are expected to be finished immediately and those who are still speaking at an audible volume may get a “time to be quiet” stare down from another movie-goer. Every person in the theatre is expected to respect all others in attendance by staying silent all throughout the movie. This set of communication rules can be compared to a classroom of students that is expected to be silent when someone is giving a presentation. People are expected to respect what is being shown to them by not talking over it with their own thoughts and/or opinions. One thing I would like to find out about this topic is whether or not people attending picture shows in the 1920’s were silent while taking in their feature film or if they would discuss the film while it was being shown....
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