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QUIZ 4 - Question 1(1 point Save Polymers are long chains...

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Polymers are long chains of monomers (single units). Which of the following statements is/are correct with regard to this topic? The 20 monomers (amino acids) used to build proteins are alike in chemical properties. Polymers can be built by removing a water (an OH from the carboxyl end of one amino acid and an H from the amino group of the other) and building a covalent bond. The 4 macromolecules introduced in class (proteins, carbohydrates, nucleic acids, and lipids) are all polymers. Splitting a polymer into its monomers using a hydrolysis reaction always requires an input of energy. Question 2 (1 point) Save Proteins fold into the precise 3-dimensional shape needed to carry out their functions due to their primary structure (the exact sequence of amino acids). covalent bonding between the various subunits that assemble to form the quaternary structure. covalent bonds between parallel rows of beta-pleated sheets in the tertiary structure.
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