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Biology 1620 Final Exam Study Guide Chapter 26 Understand and know about the gases in the earth’s early atmosphere. Know the significance and details of the Miller/Urey experiment. Know about RNA, it’s functions and role it played in the development or early life. Discuss and understand the significance of cyanobacteria in the early earth. When did most modern animal phyla evolve? Chapter 27 What types of environments cause plasmolysis in prokaryotic cells? Know and understand the modes of obtaining nutrition in some bacteria. Prokaryotes are important in nutrient recycling. Antibiotic-resistant strains and implications. Chapter 28 Know why phytoplankton organisms are important and their characteristics. Understand and discuss the endosymbiotic origin of Eukaryotic organelles. Know the evolutionary sequence of chloroplasts in organisms through time. What is the significance of dinoflagellates? What are diatoms? Know their characteristics. Chapter 29 Know the recent common ancestor of all land plants. Know the relation of early charophyceans to land plants, especially bryophytes. Know the evolutionary history and significance of gametophytes and sporophytes.
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Chapter 30 Know the significance of seeds. Know the origin (tissue-wise) of: staments, sepals, petals, and pine cone scales
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FINAL study guide - Biology 1620 Final Exam Study Guide...

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