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practice questions for Test3

practice questions for Test3 - PRETEST 3 for Test 3 Test 3...

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PRETEST 3 for Test 3. Test 3 will be on Monday April 28. Questions and answers. Solutions will be posted with corresponding homework solutions. I. Multiple choice/short answer questions: Study all Prequiz questions (with emphasis on Prequizzes 5 and 6 and all Quiz Questions (with emphasis on Quizzes 5 and 6) plus these: I-1. Which of the following will increase the width of a confidence interval? (a) Decrease the confidence value from 99% to 95% (b) Increase the mean (c) Increase the sample size (d) Decrease the sample size I-2. The probability that a random variable having the t distribution with 4 degrees of freedom is less than -t 0.01 equals (a) 0.99 (b) 0.01 (c) 0.98 (d) 0.02 I-3. We test H 0 : μ =0.0 vs. H 1 : μ <0.0 at the α =0.01 level. (n =100). The rejection region is (a) Z < 2.33 (b) Z > 2.33 (c) Z < -2.33 (d) {|Z| >2.33} = {Z > 2.33 or Z< -2.33} I-4 and I-5. A researcher tests H 0 : μ =10 vs. H 1 : μ≠ 10 at the 0.05 level using a sample of 100. The standard deviation is known to equal 20. He computes the probability of this type II error ( β ) of his test to be 0.50 for μ =14 and for μ =6. I-4. If μ =15 the probability he will not reject Ho at the 0.05 level is greater than 0.5. TRUE FALSE I-5. Suppose μ =10. If the investigator rejects Ho, he is wrong. TRUE FALSE I-6. We test H o : μ =48mm vs. H a : μ≠ 48mm at the α =0.05 level. The standard deviation is unknown
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