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11/29/06 Grace Response After reading Peck’s chapter on grace, I understand grace to be the power or ability supplied by the unconscious which is sufficient and necessary for human and spiritual progression. It’s the message from the unconscious to the conscious mind that initiates self- examination and repair. Peck explains that the human mind becomes ill when the beholder starves the conscious of what it desires and one example of a natural self-defense would be the phenomenon of grace delivering an instinct or the thought of acting on something through the mind of the beholder so that he or she makes good on what the mind wants. I agree with the concept that grace is the unconscious mind’s frequent hints at the way we are all supposed to go about things in the most favorable way for ourselves in the long run. I believe that the unconscious mind already knows about everything that is going to happen to you for your entire
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Unformatted text preview: life. Then through dreams, sudden thoughts, instincts, and Freudian slips does it communicate with the conscious mind we use to ‘warn’ us or to just give a little insight on what is to come. Grace may deliver that first thought of interest of even love for another person so that the spirit may advance through the love you would share with another. If grace has anything to do with luck or good fortune, I would say I am in my own minds’ good graces. I have had a ridiculously lucky or charmed life up to this point. I have always trusted my own mind and acted on the impulses it delivered. I am a firm believer in the theory of self-reincarnation following death, which is why the unconscious knows everything that will eventually happen to you. But perhaps only the people who satisfy the minds’ needs more often are the ones who benefit from the messages it delivers everyday....
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