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04 lecture Jan 24 - Lecture 4 One reason science matters...

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1 Lecture 4 The value of science (continued) Evaluating unusual claims The key concepts in biology: Evolutionary theory Explaining the diversity of life Testing the tree of life theory James Waller, convicted of rape in 1982, released on parole in 1993 and exonerated in 2007 because of DNA evidence. One reason science matters One reason science matters Descriptive question: Who was the rapist? Descriptive hypothesis: James Waller Prediction: DNA collected from victim will match that of James Waller Test: DNA fingerprints compared for samples from victim and from James Waller do not match Conclusion: Hypothesis rejected Please note (refers to the preceding slide): If you were asked what was the descriptive question and were given a choice between the following two sentences (see below), which one would you choose (and why)? (A)Who was the rapist? Or (B) Was the rapist James Waller? The first answer (A) is better than the second because it can be answered by a simple descriptive response (like “James Waller was the rapist”) whereas (B) is a hypothesis in the form of a question because it contains a possible answer to the descriptive question.
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2 What is the main goal of scientific research? A.The planning of experiments
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04 lecture Jan 24 - Lecture 4 One reason science matters...

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