07 Lecture Feb 05

07 Lecture Feb 05 - Evolutionary biology All living things...

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1 Evolutionary biology All living things can be classified in groups Darwin’s tree of life theory explains why Good alternatives to Darwinian theory? Testing tree of life theory Feedback on your pre-evaluation: See Course documents on Blackboard (You can provide anonymous feedback at any time) How to do well in Bio 187 Before exams, review all the questions presented in class. Register for CPS and use your clicker in class. Whenever you answer a question incorrectly, figure out why your choice was wrong. How many of the following items are unlikely to be on the first mid-term exam? Questions about the 1. Difference between hypotheses and predictions. 2. Difference between a causal question and a descriptive question. 3. Definition of a scientific theory. 4. Names of the six kingdoms of living things. 5. Numbers of frogs tested in studies that enabled researchers to discount herbicides as a cause of frog deformities. A. 1, B. 2, C. 3, D. 4, E. 5
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2 Evolutionary biology in the news All blue-eyed people have a common ancestor who lived in northern Europe about 6000 years ago Why do biologists emphasize Darwinian evolutionary theory? Because some other theories have been tested and rejected. Lamarckism is out because acquired characteristics cannot be passed from parent to offspring. Creation science theory has been rejected by scientists because it is a religious, not a scientific, theory. Supreme Court in 1987: “Act impermissibly endorses religion by advancing the religious belief that a supernatural being created humankind.
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07 Lecture Feb 05 - Evolutionary biology All living things...

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