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15 lecture Mar 6 - Mendelian Genetics: The Theory of...

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1 1 Mendelian Genetics: The Theory of Particulate Inheritance Testing the theory Applying the theory The relation between Mendelian and molecular genetics 2 Mar 5: New study published on the tree of life of animals Tree of life based on genetic evidence 3 Mendelian theory Sexually reproducing organisms have ______ copies of every gene. How many copies of each gene came from the individual’s mother? _______ Gametes have how many copies of every gene? ______ When a heterozygote produces a sperm or egg, the probability that a given allele will appear in the gamete is ______ When two heterozygotes have offspring, the probability that a given offspring will be homozygous is _______ 4 A fruit fly heterozygous for the gene “ Amy” mates with a fly that has two copies of the Amy 1 allele in its genotype. (This allele occurs in both flies.) How many different genotypes could be found in their offspring? A. 1, B. 2, C. 3, D. 4
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2 5 Why is the discovery that two smooth pea plants can produce some wrinkled pea offspring crucial for the theory of particulate inheritance? A. This result shows that genes control the shape of pea seeds. B. This result tests a critical prediction (“some offspring should have a trait of a grandparent”). C. This result shows that environmental influences can cause offspring to differ from their parents. D. This result shows that even though offspring and parents have exactly the same genes, they can still look different under some circumstances. 6 Tests of Mendelian theory yield the Conclusion that heredity involves the transmission of UNALTERED, UNBLENDED particles (genes/alleles) from parents to offspring.
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15 lecture Mar 6 - Mendelian Genetics: The Theory of...

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