08 lecture Febr 7

08 lecture Febr 7 - Evolutionary Biology What does Tree of...

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1 Evolutionary Biology What does Tree of Life Theory try to explain? Are there scientific alternatives to Darwinian theory? How to test Tree of Life Theory Discussion Board is Open for Comments/Views and Civilized Debate Survey Question Could we test intelligent design theory if we wanted to? A. Yes, B. No Sample Exam Question Why even discuss testing intelligent design theory in a biology class? Pick the main reason for a scientist. A. To demonstrate that there is no intelligent designer. B. To make the point that a scientific theory must produce predictions we can check. C. To show that teaching intelligent design theory is unconstitutional in legal terms. D. To emphasize that there are legitimate alternatives to Darwinian evolutionary theory. Frances Collins, leader of human genome project: a scientist who understands the science of evolution while retaining a belief in his faith You can understand science without changing your religious beliefs Testing explanations is the heart of science.
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2 PREDICTIONS based on tree of life theory 1. All living things should exhibit at least a few traits similar to those of the first ancestor. 2. The oldest fossilized organisms ought to be single-celled. 3.Over time, we expect to find that life’s diversity increases as multicellular organisms appear, leading to the evolution of still more species. 4.Intermediate forms should link older to younger species in all evolving lineages. Bacteria
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08 lecture Febr 7 - Evolutionary Biology What does Tree of...

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