Ch50 MCAT - 50 Nutrition, Digestion, and Absorption...

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Nutrition, Digestion, and Absorption Multiple Choice 1. In which order are stored fuels utilized during starvation? a. Fats, glycogen, proteins b. Glycogen, proteins, fats c. Proteins, fats, glycogen d. Fats, proteins, glycogen e. Glycogen, fats, proteins Answer: e 2. Certain amino acids are called essential amino acids because they a. are required for making protein. b. cannot be made from other amino acids and must be obtained from food. c. are universally needed by all animals. d. are essential as an energy source. e. are required for making nucleic acids. Answer: b 3. Why are vitamins essential nutrients for cells? a. Vitamins are used as an energy source. b. Vitamins are used to digest foods. c. Vitamins function as coenzymes. d. Both a and b e. a, b, and c Answer: c 4. Organisms that derive both their energy and molecular nutrients from other organisms are called a. autotrophs. b. herbivores. c. heterotrophs. d. photosynthetic. e. protists. Answer: c 6. The major form of stored energy in animal bodies is a. protein, because it is a long-term energy storage form. b. glycogen, because it breaks down into readily usable carbohydrates. c. glycogen, because it is lightweight. d. fat, because it has the highest energy content per gram. e. fat, because it is readily stored with water. Answer: d
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Ch50 MCAT - 50 Nutrition, Digestion, and Absorption...

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