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-1 Brandon Ott 826235516 5/12/09 Alcohol Advertising Dr. David Hanson’s article “Alcohol Advertising,” explains how there are many false beliefs in the effect of alcohol advertising. Hanson shows what many people take as obvious “facts” are really misconceptions that portray advertisement of alcohol in all the wrong ways. David Hanson points out how many people believe that Alcohol Advertising leads to consumption and abuse. According to Dr. Hanson these are nothing but opinions. Hanson backs the claim up by saying, “A United States Senate subcommittee reported in the Congressional Record that it could not find evidence to conclude that advertising influences non-drinkers to begin drinking or to increase consumption.” David Hanson also explains that recognition of alcohol has no effect on minors to consume any of the alcohol beverages. As Hanson writes “there is no evidence that such recognition leads to experimentation, consumption, or abuse.” Hanson also shows how to an extent alcohol ads can “normalize” drinking in the minds of minors, but he shows how this is not a negative thing. By making alcohol seem more normal, it does not glamorize alcoholic beverages. Hanson says if alcohol were glamorized “we inadvertently raise it up from the ordinary into the realm of the powerful, the tantalizing, and the desirable Big Deal.” What Dr. David Hanson does states that “Instead of increasing total consumption, the objective of advertisers is to encourage consumers to switch to their brand and create brand
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alcohol advertising - Brandon Ott 826235516 Alcohol...

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