homework7-solns - Assigned: 03/05/2007 Due: 03/19/2007 CprE...

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Assigned: 03/05/2007 Due: 03/19/2007 1 CprE 211 – Spring 2007 Homework 7 Name: Lab section #: Email address: NOTE: Homework answers must be typed using a word editor. Handwritten answers will not be accepted. The homework is due in the class on the due date; submit a hard copy in the class. You are allowed to discuss homework but you are not allowed to exchange answers or submit duplicate work. Late homework should be submitted by e-mail to the instructor ( [email protected] ).You can turn in homework late with a 10% per day (week day or weekend) until the solutions are published. Among all of your homework submissions, the one with the lowest score will be excluded in the calculation of your overall grade. Your program should come with the font type “Courier New” and with proper formatting and comments. A program with a bad style may receive up to 20% penalty. 1. [20] Consider the following C program: //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // short MaxOfNibbles(char *arr, short numElements) // description: Returns a short value that is the maximum of the // lower nibble values in the array for array elements in which // bit 7 is set to 1. // PARAMS: // char *arr: char array in which to find the maximum // lower nibbles // short numElements: number of elements in the char array // RETURNS: // returns the maximum of lower nibble values for which // bit 7 = 1 char MaxOfNibbles(char arr[] , short numElements) { //short var to store the summation of lower nibble values char maxLowNib = 0; int i; // walk through the array, find the maximum nibble value
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homework7-solns - Assigned: 03/05/2007 Due: 03/19/2007 CprE...

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