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ANT253_Fall2008_EssayGuidelines - ANT 253 H1F Language and...

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ANT 253 H1F Language and Society (Fall 2008) Professor Marcel Danesi ANT 253 H1F Guidelines for Final Essay Deadline The paper is due December 2 nd , 2008 during class. It is worth 40% of your final grade. Late essays will be penalized 5% of the assignment value (2 marks out of 40) per day. If you are submitting your essay late, you must submit both an electronic copy and a hard copy to your assigned TA. Absolutely no essays will be accepted after December 9 th , 2008 . Final grades can be contested only through formal petition. Your TA does not have the authority to adjust your essay grade once the course is over. Format You may work in groups comprising a maximum of three individuals. If you choose to do this, submit only one paper per group. Clearly state the membership of the group on the title page. Jointly authored essays will be distributed randomly amongst all four TAs for evaluation. The paper should be 5-8 pages, doubled-spaced, with a Works Cited page and a title page, neither of which is included in the page count. If you are working independently, please clearly indicate on your
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