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poverty and rights at work - POVERTY European Union is...

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POVERTY European Union is well-known as a wealthy geography among the world by its economic prosperity. However, it is also obvious that there is a poverty problem which is very high in the EU and it creates a dilemma for the aim of EU about providing a well-functioned economy, better education and social cohesion. Almost 72 million EU citizens are facing poverty and it prevents these people to exercise their full potential. It brings harmful costs for the sustainable economic growth. The most vulnerable groups affected by poverty are children and older people. The problem of poverty eliminates the access of these people to resources and opportunities in equally. The poverty definition for the EU citizens can be identified as relative poverty because in the European Union, people have high standards of living and the people which are living below these standards can be called as suffering poverty. The relative poverty definition of the European Commission is that people are said to be living in poverty if their income and resources are so inadequate as to preclude them from having a standard of living considered acceptable in the society in which they live. Because of their poverty they may experience multiple disadvantages through unemployment, low income, poor housing, inadequate health care and barriers to lifelong learning, culture, sport and recreation. They are often excluded and marginalized from participating in activities (economic, social and cultural) that are the norm for other people and their access to fundamental rights may be restricted. 1 One of the major indicators that poverty is derived from is the inequality in the income redistribution. Social benefits of the citizens provide them the opportunity for the good education, strong health protection or better access to job fields. However, if the social protection is not very strong, the citizens can not be able to satisfy their basic needs and then 1 1 European Commission, Joint Report on Social Inclusion 2004 http://www.eapn.eu/content/view/59/53/lang,en/
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achieve better working life. This creates the problem of income redistribution. The table
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