by123 chapter 1 - CHAPTER ONE Themes in the Study of Life...

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CHAPTER ONE: Themes in the Study of Life Science-natural phenomena having natural causes requiring evidence through observations and experiments AND/OR a body of the material world that is collected by rigorous critical objective methods and tested with controlled experiments. Can’t answer moral questions. Observations>>Question>>Hypotheses>>Experiment>>Results Theory- an explanation that is broad in scope, generates new hypotheses, and is supported by a large body of evidence Law- statement to explain “why.” Can use mathematical equation Theme: New properties emerge at each level in the biological hierarchy Emergent properties- new properties that arise with each step upward in the hierarchy of life, owing to the arrangement and interactions of parts as complexity increases Properties that result when individual components in an environment come together to create distinct, collective, and interactive properties and functions. Shows the importance of arrangement (not arranged right, won’t work properly) Reductionism- the reduction of complex systems to simpler components that are more manageable to study Both reductionism and the understanding of emergent properties (the whole picture)
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by123 chapter 1 - CHAPTER ONE Themes in the Study of Life...

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