preparationofaspirinandsomeflavoringesters - Week of...

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CH116-J1 Preparation of Aspirin and Some Flavoring Esters 1. The Results . Group # Percent Yield 1 95.59% 2 95.26% 3 57% 4 56.726% 5 45.78% 6 75.1% 7 36.05% 8 40.62% 9 55.79% 10 90.82% 11 99.28% The percent yields that are very close to 100% (95.26-99.28%) don’t seem real because the methods of measuring in the lab were not very precise, and normally wouldn’t allow for such a high percent yield. The variation in percent yields could occur because of many reasons, including poor technique in measuring and transferring amounts of reactants, measuring a wet sample of aspirin, and not letting a mixture stand for the correct amount of time and in the correct temperature. 2. The Characterization of Aspirin and Salicylic Acid. The first characterization test performed in the salicylic acid, stock aspirin, and the aspirin prepared in lab included the reaction between ferric chloride, distilled water, ethanol, and a chemical mentioned previously. For the ferric chloride test, the reaction with salicylic acid
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preparationofaspirinandsomeflavoringesters - Week of...

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