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American History Paper 1 1929

American History Paper 1 1929 - Andrew Boerger American...

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Andrew Boerger 7/9/09 American History FSA Essay True Farms in the Great Depression Technology was getting more and more advanced at its time in the 1900s. In 1919 Lewis Hine took photographs to try and convince people to regulate the child labor law. The photographs showed the living and working conditions of young children and documented the ill effects of child labor. These photos were to help persuade the public to support the abolition of child labor. He wanted to show the pictures to convince people to support the strict regulation of young people’s work. This effect was successful in some states but in the grand scope, the Supreme Court, it failed. Walker Evans wanted to something else with photography, he wanted to show the middle class the true view of farmers, the actual realities of their poverty and what they were going through. Walker Evens wanted to show pictures that affect the middle class by making them react more sympathetically. In this essay I break down how I feel about these photos, what I think the middle class American would think and analyze two photos that I thought showed the most emotion. After looking through the photographs, I could feel the sadness build up inside me. It was terrible what these people went through at the time. Looking at their living conditions and there working environment was just depressing to see. These farmers didn’t have anything at all; the Great Depression hit them hard with not having much work to do since the food supply had been
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over produced and people stopped by as much food. The clothing that the people were wearing was another sad thing about the photographs. They were rags, nothing that we have ever seen before or even worn before. Not trying to be mean but it was like looking at a bunch of homeless people down town but worse, which is sad because they weren’t and they were actually very important to society because without food, it would be very for the United States to survive. Once you past their looks, you see their living conditions. The living conditions are like nothing that I have ever seen. Being raised in a middle class environment, this is the worst thing that I have ever seen, and I couldn’t imagine living like that. It was looking at the effects of a tornado
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American History Paper 1 1929 - Andrew Boerger American...

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