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UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA AT BERKELEY College of Engineering Dept. of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences EECS 40 Fall 2003 Homework Assignment #12 Due at 11:00 AM in 240 Cory on Monday, 12/5/03 * Be sure to put your Discussion Section number on your paper; otherwise 5 pts will deducted from your score! Problem 1 : Interconnect Delay Consider the cascaded CMOS inverters below: A B V out V in interconnect We are interested in the propagation delay of Inverter A (between V in and V out ). The equivalent on-resistance R dr of the NMOSFET or PMOSFET in Inverter A is 10 k . The intrinsic capacitance C intrinsic (due to the drain pn- junction capacitances and gate-overlap capacitances for Inverter A) is 3 fF; the fanout capacitance C fanout (input capacitance of Inverter B, i.e. the MOSFET gate capacitances for Inverter B) is 3 fF. Suppose the oxide (SiO 2 , with dielectric permittivity ε SiO2 = 3.45 × 10 -13 F/cm) between the aluminum (resistivity = 2.7 µΩ -cm) metal layer and the silicon substrate is 1 µ m thick ( i.e. t di = 1 µ m).
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