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ECE210 Fall 2002 3: Frequency Response and Fourier Series , Page 1 of 3 3: Frequency Response and Fourier Series Objective: The objective of this lab is to study band -pass filtering and to introduce the Fourier series describing a periodic signal as a sum of harmonic components. Pre-Lab: Compute the Fourier series representation of the following periodic signal, f(t). That is, find a n such that: f(t) = a n cos(n ϖ 0 t), where ϖ 0 = 2p/T. Notice a 0 /2 = 0. n = 1 A –A T t Laboratory: Equipment : Function generator, oscilloscope, protoboard, and wires. Components : 741 op amp, two 0.1μF, 1k , 2.7k and three 2.2k . Part I: Frequency Response 1. Construct the circuit shown in Figure 3-1. R = 2.2k , C = 0.1 μF, R a = 1 k , R b = 2.7k . Remember the rules for wiring up and using the 741 op amp. They are repeated below in Figure 3-2. CH2 CH1 R R C C R R a R b + Figure 3-1 3: Frequency Response and Fourier Series , Page 2 of 3 Pins 1 & 5 are offset null corrections
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