Final Project Due 8-9-2009

Final Project Due 8-9-2009 - Final Assignment Student...

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Final Assignment - Student Survival Guide, Due Week 9, Day 7 Student Survival Guide (Using UOPX Educational Resources) Conducting web searches start with a search engine go to or type in the topic, navigation of the University Library is a necessary skill; which the library is set up for your resources. There are a lot of other services provided by the library if you have problems with finding what you need there are links you can go to for help. (Upholding Academic Honesty) Academic honesty is one of the zero tolerance, used from other sources must be cited properly to avoid plagiarism, Mr. Martin L. King Jr. was assassinated while leaving his hotel room to give a speech, everyone knows this; it does not require you to cite an author. (Setting and Achieving Goals) Setting goals for yourself be can long-term as well as short- term goals, setting a time- frame to complete a goal depends on what you select as your goal. If you choose to become a doctor it takes more than five years to complete the courses, you must think about how long it would take to complete a goal before you make any decisions this process will help you make the right choices. (Managing Time Wisely) Keeping a note pad or a planner near you to stay well organized it is to record actual time- use. The method is when the record is put together, time used does not improve with practice; but only constant efforts at managing time can prevent us from drifting when you reevaluate your schedule or how you spend your time you
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This note was uploaded on 08/08/2009 for the course GEN 105 GEN/105 taught by Professor Abel during the Spring '09 term at University of Phoenix.

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Final Project Due 8-9-2009 - Final Assignment Student...

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