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In 1925, E. Gorter and F. Grendel reasoned that cell membranes must be a phospholipid bilayer two molecules thick. The molecules in the bilayer are arranged such that the hydrophobic fatty acid tails are sheltered from water while the hydrophilic phosphate groups interact with water. In 1972, S.J. Singer and G. Nicolson presented a revised model that proposed that the membrane proteins are dispersed and individually inserted into the phospholipid bilayer. In this fluid mosaic model , the hydrophilic regions of proteins and phospholipids are in maximum contact with water and the hydrophobic regions are in a nonaqueous environment. A specialized preparation technique, freeze-fracture, splits a membrane along the middle of the phospholid bilayer prior to electron microscopy. This shows protein particles interspersed with a smooth matrix, supporting the fluid mosaic model. Membrane molecules are held in place by relatively weak hydrophobic
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