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Midterm Answers 1

Midterm Answers 1 - World of Chem Drugs Midterm 1 Lecture...

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World of Chem: Drugs – Midterm 1 Lecture 1&2 - 1. A.S.A decreases inflammation but acetaminophen does not 2. Taking a fraction of an A.S.A tablet a day has been shown to be beneficial in the prevention of heart attacks 3. Acetaminophen can be a problem in that liver damage can take place if it is taken after drinking on an empty stomach 4. Anacin contains caffeine in addition to A.S.A 5. Homeopathic drugs are prepared by successive dilutions; one positive aspect of homeopathic preparations is that they are normally safe 6. Thalidomide is effective in the treatment of leprosy 7. Ingestion of 1 microgram of botulin toxin would be extremely harmful to a person 8. The most prescriptions in Canada are written for pain (Tylenol with codeine) and Ulcers 9. Balloon angioplasty for esophagus enlargement usually involves mild sedation 10. Guinea worm disease has been significantly reduced by filtering the drinking water to remove worm-carrying fleas 11. Aspirin is a synthetic derivative of a salicylic acid, can be marketed in Canada by any company and was introduced in the US at about the same time as heroin 12. Acetaminophen does not irritate the stomach 13. Aspirin shuts of the production of prostaglandins which are responsible for the sensation of pain in that they stimulate nerve endings 14. The FDA has a series of priorities that it uses to judge a new drug which include whether it is a new chemical entity, a new formulation for an old drug (like a patch) or a new combination of two drugs not marketed this way before 15. Some antibiotics tie up to cytochrome 450 causing Seldane to build up causing heart irregularities 16. The patent medicine era was approximately from 1850 to the early 1990s 17. Quinine is found mainly in the bark of the cinchona tree 18. Smallpox is considered to be eradicated in the world today 19. Jokob Bohme was largely responsible for the Doctrine of Signatures involving a relationship between a creation of God and its purpose – such as walnuts for the brain and bloodroot for curing blood diseases 20. It is possible for a company to see the same drug both under a brand name and a generic name at very different prices; the same drug can be sold at very different prices in different countries 21. Blocked coronary arteries have been open with balloon and laser angioplasty 22. Aspirin (A.S.A) interferes with the production of prostaglandins responsible for the production of acid in the stomach 23. Reye Syndrome is thought to be triggered by taking aspirin. This applies to young people only 24. The placebo effect concerns at least 30% of the participants in a study 25. The Doctrine of Signatures is the association of a disease and a plant of some kind 26. Vioxx blocks the COX-2 receptor sites associated with pain, while leaving the COX- 1 sites which are associated with stomach protection, unaffected 27. Life expectancy for a newborn male at the turn of the 1900s was about 47 years
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World of Chem: Drugs – Midterm 1 28. Merck recently took Vioxx (arthritis) off the market for unfavorable side-effects
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