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Industry Snapshot Columbia Business School Management Consulting Association Guidebook 2002 Please do not duplicate, copy, print or photocopy 7 - Once you have landed an interview, mastery of the case interview process is critical. Resources to help you get there include Management Consulting Association (MCA)- sponsored case sessions, workshops, and the MCA Casebook. - Not everyone will get a consulting summer internship . Consulting firms make twice as many full-time offers as they do summer ones. Know this and have some related back-up options. Corporations (service and manufacturing) offer exciting and relevant alternatives to consulting internships: internal consulting (strategic planning or business development within a company); leadership development programs (a.k.a. general management grooming); brand management and marketing (this is all about project management and strategy); and, operations (the career path for many a CEO). Entrepreneurships or start-ups also offer similar opportunities. INTERVIEWING TIPS:
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