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Unformatted text preview: Interview Guide Columbia Business School Management Consulting Association Guidebook 2002 Please do not duplicate, copy, print or photocopy 13 Nicolas Reuttner The Basics of Consulting Interviews INTRODUCTION Though my experience as an interviewer is diverse, and includes journalism, business hiring and military interrogations, my primary experience has been as a recruiter for a top management consulting firm. I led a team of recruiters for graduate hires and personally interviewed over 120 candidates. Additionally, I have interviewed a wide range of MBAs and more senior applicants. The strangest interview experience I ever had was to choose a driver for a 23-ton steamroller from a selection of monolingual Albanians. The following is a distillation of thoughts from my experience and training. It combines direct and vicarious experiences, and a wide range of industry, geographic, and personal styles. Please remember, however, that there are no golden rules; every interview is unique, and so I can only...
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