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Unformatted text preview: Interview Guide Columbia Business School Management Consulting Association Guidebook 2002 Please do not duplicate, copy, print or photocopy 23 What did your MBA teach you? What was wrong with your last employer, why arent you going back? Oh, and another thing. I know it sounds silly, but know your rsum inside out. Nothing is more embarrassing than saying did I write that? QUESTIONS TO ASK Most interviews finish with something like do you have any questions for me? You must have several intelligent questions prepared. Not to do so would show a lack of interest. Also remember that you are interviewing them as much as they are you. Many people are evaluated by the questions they ask this is especially true in consulting where the ability to find information is a key skill. Questions you ask should strike a balance between showing you are informed and showing you would like more information. Also, they should be well-articulated and not be otherwise publicly available e.g. on their web-site. publicly available e....
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