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Frameworks Columbia Business School Management Consulting Association Guidebook 2002 Please do not duplicate, copy, print or photocopy 29 Following is an overview of the most popular frameworks. These frameworks are not strokes of genius, but rather simple, easy-to-remember methods of organizing your thoughts and questions. Keep in mind that it is possible you will get a case that cannot be answered by strictly sticking to one of the frameworks listed below, and you may have to make some adjustments or make one up completely. Even if you make up a framework, it is important to let the interviewer know what you’re thinking and how you are organizing your analysis. THE FOUR Cs Often used when contemplating capacity-building options, new product introductions or entering a new market. Can be used for evaluating almost any strategic initiative. Customers: Who are they and what do they want? What can they afford? What are they willing to pay for your product? Are their needs or tastes changing? Is the overall market growing or shrinking?
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