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Business Type Cases (full answers) Columbia Business School Management Consulting Association Guidebook 2002 Please do not duplicate, copy, print or photocopy 39 Interesting! Why don’t I move to the next area of my original framework, market potential? Do we have any research on the size of this market? ! Not really but how would you go about sizing the market? Well, I’d try to get a sense for the size of the urban pet owner market. Let’s assume that of the 100 million households, 40% or 40 million households are urban households. Of these, let’s assume that 40% of the households, i.e., 16 million households, own pets. I’m considering only dogs and cats as relevant pets for the product. Let’s further assume that each of these households has 1.5 pets. This results in about 24 million urban pets that are potential users of the sponge in question. I don’t have a good idea how often these sponges would need to be replaced. I know my niece goes through 4 to 6 diapers per day. This is probably too high.
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