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25 things - Chase Boyle P3 3.9.09 1 I am an...

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Chase Boyle P3 3.9.09 1) I am an English-speaking white South African (whole book). 2) I used to have a black nanny named Mary Mandoma (425). 3) I have a “hatless snake” (6) 4) My first best friend was a rooster named Granpa Chook (18). 5) I once met the greatest medicine man in all of Africa, Inkosi-Inkosikazi, who cured me of my “night water” (9). 6) My fist experience with death was Granpa Chook’s murder (49). 7) I only cry inwardly – in the “night country” (50) 8) I never owned a pair of shoes until I was 6 (54). 9) I first learned about the power of one from a friend of mine named Hoppie (103). 10) Ever since I was six I have had the dream of becoming the welterweight champion of world (98). 11) My mother was put in the “nervous-breakdown place” when I was a small child, and then she became a born again Christian (126). 12) I skipped two grades at my old grammar school due to my vast intelligence…not to brag or anything (162).
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