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BIO UNIT 2 1. acetyl coa: high-energy fuel molecule for the citric acid cycle 2. active transport: movement of molecules through the plasma membrane aided by a process that requires energy 3. alcohol fermentation: the conversion of 4. anaerobic: process that does not not require oxygen 5. apoptosis: programmed cell death 6. ATP synthase: protein structure in cell mitochondria that uses energy from H+ ions to convert ADP to ATP 7. cellular respiration: Releases ATP by breaking down glucose in presence of oxygen 8. centriole: part of centrosome 9. chemiosmosis: the movement of protons (H+) through ATP synthase to make ATP 10. chloroplast: The plant cell's food factory contains chlorophyll 11. citric acid cycle: (Krebs Cycle) A cyclical series of reactions resulting in the conversion of acetate to carbon dioxide and NADH. 12. crista: an infolding of the inner membrane of a mitochondrion that houses the electron transport chain and the enzyme catalyzing the synthesis of
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