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BUSINESS 121 – FINAL EXAM STUDY FRAMEWORK Part A: 10 marks multiple choice Part B: 60 marks short answer questions Part C: 30 marks problems unlabelled ratio formula sheet attached at back of exam FINANCE objectives - max. shareholder wealth , risk, return - tradeoff responsibilities – budgeting – steps, advantages & abuses decision areas Cash Budgeting – format, process – worksheet, borrowing required/surplus, interest EBIT Analysis – format, process, decision (3 criteria) - leverage Ratio Analysis – 3 steps – comparisons liquidity / Working Capital Management – NWC, working capital cycle Raiding a Company’s Hidden Cash stability / Capital Structure – debt vs. equity, leverage – adv./disadv. profitability – GPM / NPM vs. ROI growth marketability – relationship between ratios, implications HUMAN RESOURCES job analysis Planning – process, options and choice, absenteeism strategies Recruitment – methods, choice
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